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Measuring Excellence: Onboarding for First-Timers - 4/17 is a Course

Measuring Excellence: Onboarding for First-Timers - 4/17

Ended Apr 17, 2018


Full course description

MANDATORY FOR HILLELS THAT ARE NEW TO MEASURING EXCELLENCE to attend one of the 2 times this session is offered. 

Online, 60-minute session 

Full Description:

What is Measuring Excellence? How can I use data to inform my work?

If you have asked these questions, this session is for you! Learn everything you need to know about Hillel International’s signature project as part of the Drive to Excellence. This 60-minute online session will go over the basics of the Measuring Excellence program to set new Hillels up for a successful first year of data collection.

Please note: Hillels only need to attend one session. Available times are Wednesday April 11th at 1pm EST (Link to enroll) and Tuesday April 17th (Link to enroll) . Please contact Estee Gabel if you are unable to attend a session.

Session Time:

  • Tuesday, April 17th 2:00pm – 3:00pm EST / 11:00am – 12:00pm PST 

This Session is for:

Professionals at Hillels joining Measuring Excellence for the first time

Participation in all Hillel U offerings should be agreed upon by the participant and their supervisor (unless the participant is a director)

Questions? Please contact

 By clicking “ENROLL” and completing my enrollment in this course, I am indicating that Hillel International has my permission to record, photograph and videotape session(s) in which I take part, and to make these recordings, photographs, and videos available for subsequent viewing and use. I waive all rights to any compensation or to any privacy rights with respect to the trainings, webinars and conference sessions.  Hillel has my permission to utilize these materials in its discretion.

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