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For All: Employee Respectful Workplace Training 8/6 is a Course

For All: Employee Respectful Workplace Training 8/6

Ended Aug 6, 2019


Full course description

For all professionals.

If you are a supervisor of a staff member you will also need to participate in the supervisor supplement session.

One-time, online, 90 minute session

Full Description:
The trainings will be facilitated by Hillel International staff who took part in a training course led by Fran Sepler, an expert in helping organizations understand the ways that people thrive and excel in high quality work environments. 

Leading for Respect (for supervisors) and Respect in the Workplace (for all employees) are training programs that go above and beyond traditional anti-harassment training. The content is built around the universal desire for a respectful workplace. While counterproductive and unlawful behavior are covered, the focus is on building individual skills to equip supervisors and employees to actively address behavior that is uncivil or disrespectful while reminding them of their responsibilities in cases of more serious behavior. Rather than teaching solely about unlawful behaviors, each program focuses on a continuum of behaviors that undermines (“derails”) respect, from rude and uncivil behavior to abusive behavior and unlawful harassment. Each type of behavior is given equal attention in interactive discussion about the effect of the behaviors and examination of case studies. Further, focusing on the values of respect and fairness, each program facilitates discussion amongst attendees about the behaviors and words that generate respect and their responsibility for contributing to respect in the workplace. 

Training Meets:

  • Online
    • Tuesday, August 6th 3:00pm - 4:30pm EST / 12:00pm - 1:30pm PST

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