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Israel’s Arab Citizens: Issues Related to Israel’s Largest Non-Jewish Minority is a Course

Israel’s Arab Citizens: Issues Related to Israel’s Largest Non-Jewish Minority

Ended Oct 16, 2019


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One-time, online, 60 minute session

Full Description:

Israel’s Arab citizens comprise approximately 20 percent of the population, or 1.8 million people: Muslim, Christian, Druze and Circassian. As a group, they share national and familial connections to the Palestinian people in the West Bank, Gaza and elsewhere, but have a unique identity as citizens of Israel alongside the country’s Jewish majority. This session will be an overview of the issues facing Israel's citizens and the resources provided by The Inter-Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues.

Course Meets:

  • Online
    • Wednesday, October 16th, 2:00 - 3:00pm EST / 11:00am - 12:00 pm PST

This Course is for:
All professionals.

Instructor Bio:

Liron Shoham, Executive Director of the Inter Agency Task Force on Israeli Arab Issues

Liron joined the Task Force as Communications Manager in 2012 and became Associate Director in 2016. Prior to the Task Force, Liron was Director of Operations for the Harold Grinspoon Foundation's (HGF) New York office. She oversees Task Force strategy and operations including member engagement, education, outreach and communications. With a lifelong interest in cross-cultural coexistence, Liron has traveled widely and trained in community dispute resolution, non-violent communication, restorative justice and cross-cultural dialogue facilitation. Born in Israel, raised in the US, Liron is bicultural and speaks fluent Hebrew. She holds an MA in Conflict Resolution from Bradford University in England and a BA in Anthropology and Arts-Semiotics from Brown University. 

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