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Jewish Pluralism on Campus is a Course

Jewish Pluralism on Campus

Ended Dec 6, 2017

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

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 Whether you’ve been working for Hillel for years, or whether you’re brand new, questions and struggles of pluralism arise in our work. In this session, we will investigate pluralism as a value in Jewish life, and explore how it furthers our work on campus. We will learn various dimensions of pluralism and its limits through both text and case studies, empowering participants to live in communities of diverse multiple Jewish identities. Together, we’ll question: How do I live a life of conviction while remaining tolerant of others? How can I emphasize what's right for one may not be right for another without falling into relativism? How do I cultivate a sense that you don't have to be wrong for me to be right? How do I satisfy diverging contingents within my community? What are the limits of pluralism? And, if you love this session, you’ll have the opportunity to have a long-distance hevruta (learning partner) with another Hillel professional through ProjectZug. This session will turn into a 4-part hevtura series. Attend the session for more details or visit

Instructors: Yonah Hain is Campus Rabbi at Columbia/Barnard Hillel. Allie Conn Kanter is the Associate Director of Community Learning at Mechon Hadar. 

Intended Audience: Open to all.