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The Field, The Swamp, The Schtick is a Course

The Field, The Swamp, The Schtick

Ended Dec 5, 2017

Sorry! The enrollment period is currently closed. Please check back soon.

Full course description

Description: If I were a student, and I knew someone wanted to have a "Jewish Conversation" with me, I'd run for the hills. What is a "Jewish conversation" anyway? Do we have to talk about "Jewish" stuff? It turns out that a Jewish conversation is defined more by style of conversation than a specific subject.  I'd like to share my taxonomy of Jewish conversations that are meaningful, generative, and relevant, with engagement professionals, interns, and coffee date-ers.

Instructor: Gavriel Goldfeder is the Senior Jewish Educator at the MIT Hillel.

Intended Audience: Jewish Educators, Engagement Professionals, Rabbis.