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Ritual and Tradition, Alien and Authentic is a Course

Ritual and Tradition, Alien and Authentic

Ended Dec 5, 2017

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Full course description

Description: Students often feel conflicted about ritual and tradition; on the one hand, they want “authentic” Jewish experiences, on the other, many feel alienated from the very practices they consider authentic. Using the Shabbat dinner table as our stage, this session will prepare Hillel campus professionals to empower students to become the producers of their own Jewish experiences, to redefine “authentic” in a way that both embraces tradition and allows for personalization and ownership.

Instructor: Jessica Minnen is the Rabbi and Director of Programs at OneTable, an organization that brings Shabbat to people in the 20s and 30s. Natalie Bergner is the Director of Jewish Student Life at the University of Denver.

Intended Audience: Engagement and Program Professionals.