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Non-Jewish Trips to Israel: Designing Trip Education is a Course

Non-Jewish Trips to Israel: Designing Trip Education

Ended Oct 4, 2019


Full course description

Session Description:

When leading trips to Israel for Campus Leaders, it’s important to design an educational curriculum that articulates the overarching themes of the experience. This course will help Hillel professionals identify educational themes and explore effective strategies for reaching campus leaders before, during, and after the trip. Topics will include:
  • Pre-Trip Orientations – What kind of education can you provide to students to best frame and prepare them for the trip? What are some best practices for sharing this information?
  • During the Trip – Best practices for framing the itinerary during the trip and how can you create an open space for meaningful conversations. 
  • Post-Trip Education – How to discuss your campus dynamics and potential pathways for continued engagement while still on the trip? What opportunities are available to students post-trip? 

This session is for:

Hillel professionals designing and leading trips to Israel for non-Jewish students

This session takes place:

  • Thursday October 3rd at 3:30pm - 4:30pm EST / 12:30pm- 1:30pm PST

Facilitator: Michael Kagan, Senior Program Coordinator, Center for Community Outreach

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